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Monday, July 17, 2006

Conversations with Perrier - Part 2

Perrier: Uncle, I have decided I would like to become an alchemist.

Flamel: Why?

Perrier: To help me discover my true purpose.

Flamel: But you don't need to study alchemy to discover your true purpose.

Perrier: Then I obviously mis-understood what you meant.

Flamel: I asked you to determine what you wished to attain. It is good to have a passion simply because it gives you direction. You will discover in the journey your true purpose. When you go through life without direction you tend to allow the mind to control you when in fact you should be in control of it.

Perrier: Why is this?

Flamel: Because each time 'you change your mind', take a completely new direction on a whim, act on some impulse, become easily influenced etc, you are letting the mind do the controlling and giving it more power. On the other hand when you are passionate about something it is very hard to get knocked off course. Your mind becomes the tool it should be and is only used to become more expert in your chosen field. The less reliance we have on the mind the more power we give to our true selves, the more we tap into the source of all creativity.

Perrier: I see.

Flamel: So, if alchemy is really what you want to do then do it. But I warn you, don't do it if it is not something you are passionate about.

Perrier: Can you tell my why I had to learn to sit still for 30 minutes?

Flamel: It is one of the first steps in learning how to control your mind. If you can't do this simple exercise to control your physical body, you will never be able to control your mind!

Perrier: But I thought this was why I had to pursue a passion?

Flamel: Even if you pursue a passion with all your heart you would spend more than one lifetime to come into true realisation.

Perrier: So, these exercises will help me get there faster?

Flamel: Yes they will. So did you manage to sit still for one half hour?

Perrier: I did.

Flamel: Very good. And did you observe the thoughts rushing through your head?

Perrier: I did.

Flamel: What does this tell you?

Perrier: It tells me that most my thoughts are worthless. They seemed to be of imaginary conversations, useless opinions, justifications, future projections and all sorts of other trivial nonsense.

Flamel: Exactly. And what else have you learnt from this?

Perrier: I don't follow.

Flamel: Well, if you were observing your thoughts then surely you are not your thoughts. All your life you have identified yourself with these thoughts. In truth you are far greater than anything the mind can conjure up.

Perrier: I see.

Flamel: Now, please do the same exercise but now try and inhibit thought.

Perrier: How can I stop thinking?

Flamel: With difficulty but it can be done. You will not be able to inhibit thought for many minutes but it is a powerful exercise none the less. Now, go away and decide if you really want to be an alchemist. Let me know the results of your new exercise.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wealth Consciousness

Our ability to attract wealth is proportional to the magnitude of our wealth consciousness. Before we can become wealthy we must let go of any pre-conceived ideas we have about money that inhibit our growth in this direction. Three important concepts we must grasp relate to effort, time and attitude.

We must lose the idea that we must struggle and work hard before we can become wealthy. We must also understand that wealth like anything else is not dependent on time. Years ago it may have taken many years for an individual to become wealthy but today the same amount of effort can bring many more times the wealth in far less time. The reason? Today there is a greater wealth consciousness pervading society. When we understand time we will see that it is an illusion determined by our level of consciousness. Of course, it is very real to us in our physical domain but none the less it is an illusion. Our sensory input can only be evaluated as a sequence of events when in actual fact all events happen simultaneously. With an expanded wealth consciousness you move through events faster. Just imagine the possibilities of more events passing in less time. You are able to achieve a lot more in a much shorter time. One of the secrets of living in the moment is that you don't experience phsycological time in either anticipation of the future or memory of the past. In fact, it is our motion through events that gives us the experience that time is passing. Indeed, it has been proved in many scientific experiments that time is relative to the observer.

The great master Jesus said, "Even before you ask it has been given to you". What do you suppose is meant by this statement? Well, in this single statement Jesus is saying we already have all that we desire and that time is not an obstacle to its acquisition. Just because we haven't experienced something in the physical world does not mean to say that it isn't already there. All physical objects are energy configurations that are the product of thought. The illusion of time gives us the impression that something we desire does not yet exist. In actual fact it does exist but we have to pass through events to experience it. Our level of consciousness determines the speed of those events and therefore how quickly we think we experience the thing we desire!

Our attitude towards money is also very important. If we think money is basically evil then it will avoid us accordingly. If we hoard money then we will surely lose it. It seems that we are in a no win situation until we realise that money is a dynamic force working its magic to fulfill our destiny. Money is to be invested for growth, it is to be given without expectation and received with gratitude. It should be spent on those things we truly desire bringing about a completion of our original thought.

If you find yourself forever complaining about lack of money then you need to put a stop to it because as sure as night follows day you will always lack it. When we make statements like "I never have any money" it is a clear message to the Universal Mind to keep this experience alive.

When we give we become open to receive. The ability to let go of anything whether it be money or anything else makes way for new things in our lives. If we hoard we become insulated and possessive. We never grow and therefore never achieve our desires. We must give, invest and spend with joy. Anything we receive we should do so with gratitude. Appreciation for what we receive is a clear message to the Universal Mind that you are worthy of it and therefore open to more of the same.

When you receive bills then happily pay them promptly. Be thankful for the service that has been provided. If a friend asks you for a loan and you are perfectly able then don't loan the money but give it to them. If you have spare money then either invest it, spend it or give it away to some worthy benefactor. Never give and expect something back directly back from the source. The laws of attraction do not work in that way. It is this type of expectation that causes many problems in our lives. Simply put, we can't second guess the Universal Mind. To do so is just another facet of our ego's desire to control.

Have reasons why you should be wealthy. When you desire things like a new house, car, boat etc let the motivations behind them be for the greater concepts of love, beauty and magnanimity. The Universal Mind favours altruism purely in the sense you are accepting your oneness with all there is and will readily conspire to bring you the things you desire.

A great audio book on wealth consciousness is A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Death of Ego

It is difficult to conceive of a world beyond the one we ordinarily occupy. Yet, when we consider that our power of reason is bound by a lifetime of limited sensory input it takes only a little imagination to realise that our world is but one expression of the Universal Mind. Our senses perceive energy from a blinkered viewpoint. This limited view ensures we see things as objects or events in a space-time continuum. Our whole Ego based belief system of separation is based on little more than an illusion!

Sorcerers refer to an assemblage point that for want of a better description is responsible for the world we experience. Our ability to reason is just a consequence of the habitual position of the assemblage point. The more fixed the assemblage point the more confident we become in the workings of the physical world and the better able we are to predict our everyday experience. The assemblage point is likened to our level of awareness and is only where it is at through habituation. The fixed nature of our awareness nurtures our way of perceiving things and so the cycle continues. If we were to alter our point of awareness then we would perceive entirely different worlds as we do for example when we are dreaming. In contrast, an expanded awareness gives us far greater control of the world we are perceiving. Through our acquired knowledge of universal laws we are able to choose the world we wish to experience!

Through generations of habituation we have come to know the world as a world of objects. In actual fact all objects are first energy and then they are objects. It is only our level of expectation and limited perception that make them appear as physical objects. Indeed, we ourselves are energy configurations that have come to rely on our senses for survival but in doing so have trapped ourselves in a physical domain that we don't seem able to see beyond. We seem to have cornered ourselves in a world of our own making but instead of breaking free we build yet more walls to enhance our feelings of comfort and security. Have you noticed how society invents more and more rules to control every aspect of our lives and how gradually we are losing our sense of responsibility. You see this in all aspects of our lives. We come to rely on governments to look after us. We feel happy and safe in a 9-5 job. We are quite content when rules are made to protect us even when they take away our freedom piece by piece. This in fact is just a global expression of what the Ego is. Our separation from the rest of the world puts us in judgement of it and the more rules and false knowledge we have about ourselves the more we pass responsibility on. It is the "I am right" and "you are wrong" syndrome that preserves the idea of separation.

Our Ego puts a great deal of energy into maintaining our self importance and above all else is responsible for our current predicament. Its controlling nature and sense of uniqueness are potent corrupting forces that keep us chained to our prison cells. We can only really break free when we let go of preconceived ideas we have about ourselves and the world we live in. This of course means letting go of who we think we are and coming to know who we actually are. Only when we do this will we see the illusion for what it is, just a vehicle to remember who we are. The death of the Ego is nigh!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Forgiveness is the Greatest Expression of Love

Forgiveness is the greatest expression of Love ( A course in Miracles)

When we forgive we let go in ourselves those faults we see in others. The act of forgiving brings us to the present and makes us whole again. It releases us from the past where the ego resides with all of its baggage of sin and guilt. Why? Because when we judge and think thoughts of revenge, bitterness, anger and hatred we are dwelling in the past. We can only really escape this illusion when we let go and forgive. To let go removes a huge weight from our shoulders. We no longer suffer the pain and illness that can easily result from the negative emotions of residing in the past. We become whole and at one with the eternal now.

In the stillness of now we experience love, peace and beauty. These are the things we truly are and to them time is an alien concept. When we live in the moment we drop the baggage of the past and live life anew. The concepts of age and time are shattered! We are literally born again!

The inability to 'let go' through forgiveness of others or even ourselves is without doubt the greatest cause of suffering in our lives. It is so important to understand this! Our lives will completely turn around when we master 'letting go' through forgiveness. Here is a wonderful book called The Sedona Method. It's a practical book dealing with the release of negative emotions.

The present of forgiveness is giving up the past.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Conversations WIth Perrier - Part 1

Perrier: Uncle, are you a Sorcerer?

Flamel: I prefer to be thought of as an Alchemist.

Perrier: I am told that Sorcerers are masters of manifestation.

Flamel: Yes indeed and many are great practitioners of their art.

Perrier: What art do you talk of?

Flamel: The ability to shift their conscious awareness and focus on entirely different energy configurations far beyond the normal conscious awareness of the world we choose to perceive.

Perrier: You mean like dreaming.

Flamel: I would say more like dreaming with awareness.

Perrier: How is this possible?

Flamel: By practice.

Perrier: How can one practice this?

Flamel: It is not a simple matter and can take many years even to grasp the basics. Even so dreaming with awareness of ones dreams is only the first step to becoming a master Sorcerer.

Perrier: Why bother to practice it?

Flamel: To come to understand and see the essence of the Universe. To know the essence and that which controls it.

Perrier: Are you saying that once we see the essence and understand it we can then manipulate it.

Flamel: Exactly.

Perrier: Isn't this dangerous?

Flamel: Of course it can be in the wrong hands. Many of the old Sorcerers have manipulated energy for their own gain. Alas, in doing so they build their own prison.

Perrier: What do you mean?

Flamel: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle......

Perrier: I see, their attachment to things in the physical world stops them from ever accessing the spiritual realm.

Flamel: You learn fast nephew. The more conscious you become the less attached to things you are simply because you now have a different perspective.

Perrier: I'm not with you there. If these old Sorcerers could manipulate energy surely they were also more conscious?

Flamel: You can choose to expand consciousness or choose to shift it. Sorcerers practice both forms of discipline but unfortunately sometimes get trapped by the latter and the ease by which they can attain power over people and things. Both of these paths lead you through a gateway to the world of energy and manifestation. I have discovered through my own efforts that conscious expansion makes you less attached to things physical. It is a paradox that Conscious expansion allows you to attract those things you desire yet at the same time you are quite willing to let them go. It is not the having that is a problem it is the attachment to things in the material world that holds us back. This is why giving and sharing are fundamentally spiritual in nature. They make a statement of our oneness with everything and everyone.

Perrier: For me it is so hard to see the world from anything other than a physical standpoint.

Flamel: Remember this, you only see the world from habitual patterns passed to us from generations passed. We see the world from a hunter gatherer like perspective probably born out of an instinct to survive. You see, from the moment of birth we endeavor to perceive in accordance with the obligations our system imposes on us. The energy world comes before the physical. We must start with this premise before we can ever hope to perceive energy directly.

Perrier: Where do I start with all this?

Flamel: You start from where you are.

Perrier: That's a little obvious and I didn't quite mean that

Flamel: I know what you meant nephew you just misunderstood what I said. You see, your self imposed prison, the physical world, is the only place you can start. You have already built the prison in which you live and now you have to tear it down. Please understand that the prison walls are your entire belief system and without changing those beliefs you will never break free. Your complete and utter belief in the apparent truth of the physical world is the very thing that preserves it.

Perrier: How do I begin to change my beliefs?

Flamel: Through evidence contrary to the rule.

Perrier: What like?

Flamel: You will see but first you must do two things. Firstly, come to know your passion and what you wish to attain. This will set your true course in life and stop you drifting aimlessly without any clear direction. Secondly, sit perfectly still for one half hour. This passive exercise serves to control your body and allows you to observe the thoughts you have. When you have completed these two things come back to me and we will discuss them further.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Circumstance is Made By Us

We exist in an ocean of energy. This energy is constantly changing, however slightly, in accordance with our thoughts. We change the very composition of the Universe as we think. The fact that we are ignorant of these thoughts matters not one iota. We have chosen to remain asleep and let the thoughts do their bidding. This is why we go through life constantly dealing with unwelcome effects and never really get to grip with the ultimate cause! We are like a galleon without sails in a tempestuous sea.

When we begin to understand that everything has a probability of existence dependent on thought and is only realised and experienced through observation we can determine that we are in fact creating our own worlds. Everything is created by the observer in accordance with the thoughts we entertain, our expectations, and the conscious level of our being. Thoughts expressed through emotion mould and create the things we come to experience. Expectations are a form of faith and keep the world from slipping into a bizzare nightmare of nonsense. These are the rules, correct or incorrect, which we have chosen to govern our lives. Finally, our level of consciousness determines the power and speed in which we can bring something into existence. The implication of time is only in the context of our expectation within the confines of the physical world. A super conscious being can materialise anything in no time if so desired. Jesus did this on a regular basis when he performed miracles.

What of the the things I desire?

Everything we ever desired is already here and now. We only need to experience what we already have. The perceived time it takes to experience something we desire is relative to our degree of consciousness. Simply stated, each and every one of your desires already exists but your perception of time has not let you experience them yet. Your perception of time is somewhat dependent on your level of consciousness. Pure consciousness transcends any limitation imposed by the physical world.

Where to we go from here?

Your life doesn't change by knowing alone, it changes by doing something about what you know. We have to determine where to go, raise our levels of consciousness and take one step at a time towards our goal. As each step is taken be fully present. You will instinctively know the next step to take as you move towards your goal. Life now has direction and is guaranteed to bring you your hearts desire.

God bless, peace and love

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Is Space Just an Illusion?

Let's take a short trip into the world of Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics is a branch of science dealing with incredibly small units of energy known as Quanta.

All objects in the Universe are composed of these units of energy called Quanta. Nothing solid actually exists it only appears that way because of our limited sensory perception.

The human body is composed of cells which in turn are composed of molecules which in turn are composed of atoms. Atoms are composed of sub-atomic particles which are in fact energy or Quanta. Quanta behave both like particles and waves and this duality has been shown in many experiments.

It has been shown in one very popular experiment involving a screen with slits and a photon gun that particles actually change their behaviour when we observe them. When a single photon is shot at the screen without the placement of sensors it appears as though it passed through both slits. As soon as a sensor is attached to either of the slits then the photon only passes through one slit. It appears that the photon only exists as a particle when we decide to observe it. Niels Bohr one of the great Quantum physicists basically believed that nothing actually exists unless it is observed. He also said, "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it."

Many experiments have since proved that Quanta are just probabilities of existence and that it is only through the act of observation that they spring into existence as an object. This goes for every object in the Universe including our own bodies. They are all made up from probabilities of existence and only become form when observed. When the object is not being observed in one place the vibrating mass of energy could just as well be representing another object under observation somewhere else. Other experiments have shown that Quanta can communicate with other Quanta instantaneously over vast distances of space.

What has all this got to do with the illusion of Space?

Well space is just relative to the body you occupy. All our ideas about space are derived from sensory experience. The problem here is that sensory experience is itself a physical mechanism governed by our bodies but ultimately derived from Quanta as is all the equipment we use to measure space. We are completely reliant on this ocean of energy to dictate our experience of space.

How much space, in terms of what we know, is required to hold all the energy required to sustain the Universe?

Big Bang theorists argue that at the very beginning of the Universe all matter and energy were concentrated at a single point. I suggest to you that it still is and the expanding universe is just another huge but extremely impressive illusion. Given that Quanta can communicate over vast distances in no time at all suggests that space as we know it does not exist.

There is only Here and Now!

God Bless, Peace and Love.